New forms of MICE across the boundless city of Tokyo

MICE@TOKYO is a metaverse space provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for hybrid MICE events. The space has various rooms that can be used for holding international meetings, exhibitions, etc. The use of avatars facilitates smooth communication between participants. Moreover, with landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and TOKYO SKYTREE®, you can experience Tokyo even on an online platform.
All MICE participants will enjoy a highly satisfying experience.

Company loaned PCs may require port release.
Please check the white list before downloading.

Metaverse Spaces

About the available MICE@TOKYO spaces

Medium-sized space in MICE@TOKYO. The bright, spacious room has a large black sofa in the center and a television at the front. There are several desks and monitors for meetings at the back of the room, and glass doors and windows positioned along the left and right walls. There is wood grain flooring and blue LED light lines that delineate each area of the room.

Team Suites M

Each space fits a total of 50 people. They have rooms of various sizes, so they are suitable for small-scale breakout sessions, workshops, business meetings, exhibitions, etc. Monitors can be installed, posters can be displayed, and Private Talk* can be set up so that only people in the area partitioned in blue can listen in.

Large-sized space in MICE@TOKYO. It has the same layout as the medium-sized room, but the space is larger.

Team Suites L

Each space fits a total of 200 people. They are suitable for larger breakout sessions, workshops, business meetings, exhibitions, etc. Monitors can be installed, posters can be displayed, and Private Talk* can be set up.

A hall in MICE@TOKYO. Natural light from the ceiling illuminates the large hall. There is a wooden wall at the front of the hall and three large monitors above it, displaying the words "MICE@TOKYO" and the logo. The floor is covered with gray tiles, and 14 circular tables are arranged in an orderly manner, each table marked with a different letter of the alphabet.

Conference Hall

The Conference Hall fits 200 people. It is suitable for opening ceremonies, keynote speeches, etc. Private Talk* can be set up at each table.

Large event venue in MICE@TOKYO. At the front of the room are three large screens. The screen in the center displays the "Google" search screen. Below the screens is a podium and seating for panelists, and several blue chairs are arranged in rows toward the front of the venue. The floor is covered with a blue and white tile pattern, and above it are rows of lights suspended from the ceiling.


The Auditorium fits 1,000 people. It is the largest room at MICE@TOKYO. It is suitable for large-scale opening ceremonies, symposiums, etc. It is also equipped with features that liven up events, such as spotlights and balloon dropping.

Expo hall in MICE@TOKYO. Light pours in from large windows in the background, giving the hall a spacious, open feel. The boards up top display numbers such as A20, B30, and B40, and there is a space around each board for people to check the information.

Expo Hall

The Expo Hall fits 375 people. Information can be displayed at each of the many booths, making the room suitable for exhibitions, etc. Business cards and materials can be stored in QR codes and affixed to boards to make even more information available.

Concert hall in MICE@TOKYO. Three screens are arranged on a large circular stage beneath a dark night sky. Contemporary lighting features are installed above the stage. In the foreground is a wide-open space with a purple floor that can accommodate a large audience.

Concert Hall

The Concert Hall fits 500 people. With a three-sided screen, it is suitable for commemorative ceremonies, anniversary events, award ceremonies, etc. It is also equipped with features that liven up events, such as spotlights and balloon dropping.

Cinema room in MICE@TOKYO. The room is dimly lit, and at the center of the front of the room is a large screen displaying the words &MICE@TOKYO& with the logo. In front of the screen is a small stage, and in front of the stage are rows of roomy black chairs, forming a seating area. The walls of the room have a red and black design, and the floor has a patterned carpet.

Cinema Room

The Cinema Room fits 40 people. It is a space where people can view videos while seated, making it suitable for small-scale seminars, award ceremonies, etc.

  • A function to limit voice communication to a specified scope

Steps for Your Use of MICE@TOKYO (for Organizers)

Before using "MICE@TOKYO", please read the
"Terms of Use (PDF: 250KB)" and "Application Guidelines (PDF: 220KB)" (Japanese version only).
For details on how to use the various functions of MICE@TOKYO,
please refer to the registration and operations manual provided to organizers.

Submit an event application form.

To apply for an event, fill in the required fields on the application form and submit your application.
Please apply at least 45 days prior to your desired event date.

  • Please note that applications are not accepted by telephone or the inquiry form.
Receive a confirmation notification.

About a week after we receive your application, we will send an email to the registered email address regarding the screening result.

  • Even if approval is granted, it may be rescinded or additional restrictions may be applied in the following circumstances.
  • When the applicant violates any of the provisions of the "Terms of Use" and the "Application Guidelines"
  • If it becomes clear that the event was approved using a misleading application or any other dishonest means
  • If there are any administrative difficulties
Meet with us regarding your event program.

Please fill in the designated event program form and meet with our office regarding information for your event at least 30 days prior to the event start date.

  • If you do not submit an event program by the designated due date, your event may be canceled.
Hold your MICE event on the metaverse.

[Eligible events]

To be eligible for use, the MICE event must meet the following conditions:

  • The principal MICE event shall be held in Tokyo in a hybrid format.
  • The content of the MICE event must fall under one of the following categories.
    • a.Content contributes to the enhancement of Tokyo’s presence.
    • b.Content contributes to the promotion of Tokyo’s industries and economy.
    • c.Content contributes to the promotion of academic, cultural, and international exchanges in Tokyo.
    • d.Other content that is deemed particularly necessary.

    There are various other conditions. Please contact the secretariat for more information.

FAQs for Participants of MICE
to be Held in MICE@TOKYO

Below are frequently asked questions from participants of MICE held in MICE@TOKYO.
For details about specific features, please refer to the Registration and Operation Manual distributed through the organizer.

Please refer to "Hardware and Software Requirements" in the following webpage (external link):

Please refer to "Estimated data usage" below:
GT Estimated data usage (PDF:128KB)

A pass code provided by The Secretariat to the organizer must be entered to access areas of each event except common areas such as a Welcome Area. For security measures implemented for MICE@TOKYO itself, please refer to the following:
Security Measures Implemented for MICE@TOKYO (PDF:245KB)

Please refer to the Registration and Operation Manual (for Participants) distributed to organizers.

MICE@TOKYO supports over 20 languages with the Speech-to-Text feature (automatic transcription and translation service). Staff can speak and write Japanese and English.

Contact Us

Inquiries and questions are accepted from the form below.
MICE@TOKYO is designed for MICE events held in hybrid format in Tokyo.

Therefore, we may be unable to respond to anonymous questions or answer depending on the content of your inquiry.
Under our personal information protection policy, any information we collect from you will not be used for purposes other than for running MICE@TOKYO.